Wednesday 24 August 2022

Welcome to the Create With Fibre blog and website.

 Hellooo and welcome back!

This is now a bloggy sort of website and I am so excited about the next phase of Create With Fibre. I am busy creating new online courses right now so watch this space.

I have left the Knit 1 Bike 1 posts below so that  you can see them at any time.  The book is still out there of course as is the How to Spin Just About Anything book, the natural dyeing and art yarns e-booklets and of course the Learn to Spin and Learn to Weave courses. 

There is a FREE episode of both the Learn to Spin and the Learn to Weave course if you follow the links below.  To buy the courses, you need to register and create an account, because you get your very own dashboard where you access the different videos in each course.  

Learn to Spin course and FREE episode (beginners)

Learn to Weave course and FREE episode (beginners)

To Buy the books

email  cost is £12.95 post free.  £2 is donated to Labour Behind the Label for each book sold.  and thanks to everyone who is prepared to buy direct from the author.  The books cost pretty much the same on Amazon once you add the postage anyway.  But this way, I get the profit and not them.  

How to Spin Just About Anything  

A comprehensive book that really does show you how to spin.  It covers both spindling and spinning wheels.  The reviews have been excellent and it just keeps on selling.  I wrote it because all the books I could find managed to gloss over the details of how to actually spin.  So I analysed the process, we took lots of photos and devised step by step instructions, just like I teach in real life.

 A money back guarantee from me if you don't like it.

Knit 1 bike 1 

The story of my amazingly good fun, epic ten week, 850 mile cycle round Scotland on my folding bike.  I delivered 22 workshops en route, camped, stayed with fellow textile enthusiasts and had an absolute ball.   I crocheted and knitted what I saw and the resultant exhibition toured Scotland, getting on Border TV, Radio Scotland and in national newspapers.  Look at previous blog posts to see the art work, including a 16ft long crocheted version of the Glenfinnan Viaduct complete with train.

The book has been enjoyed by many.  With comments like 'My cousin missed her GP appointment because she was so absorbed in this book that she didn't hear her name'.  And 'I was up all night because I had to know what happened next'.
Money back guarantee if you don't enjoy it.

Natural Dyeing e-booklet


This was originally a printed, bound booklet and was re-printed three times.  It is now available as an e-booklet for the bargain price of £4. 

Get vibrant and varied colours from natural dyes, simply and without fuss.  

email me to order and I will send it out to you. 

Simple But Fancy Art yarn spinning e-booklet

Learn great hacks and short cuts to easily spin ten art yarns that have 'integrity' as mother of spinning Mabel Ross called it.  In other words, they not only look good but stay in once piece and can be used in projects.  Stage by stage instructions.  Again this  used to be a physical booklet and was re-printed a number of times.  As an e-booklet it is a bargain for £4

email to order

Friday 20 May 2016

crocheting the glenfinnan viaduct

It will take several months more to complete the Knit 1 Bike 1 artwork. The first exhibition will be Oct - Dec 2016 at the textile tower house hawick.

Today the Sunday Post newspaper came to photograph the crocheted Glenfinnan Viaduct though. It is not finished by a long shot but with a big push this week, all three sections and 21 arches will now stand up.  Have stuffed it, stiffened the legs with Paverpol and used alloy rods threaded through to get the curve.  The curve will be more accurate once it is attached to the base. It had to be in three sections that velcro together due to it being 12ft/4m long.   Now to crochet the base, some mountains and of course a train for the top.

Can you spot the knitted Brompton bicycle like the one i cycled round Scotland on?

Meanwhile the book will be out in a couple of weeks.

Monday 21 March 2016

its easier to blog when you're not writing a book...

Well here i am again. The Knit 1 bike 1 book is finished. It has a lot more commas in it than i would like but is edited and all sqeaky clean. Hubby read it after the editor and pronouncec it a page turner! Publication date early May. 

I have almost caught up with everything since getting home from the bike ride and am doing lots of workshops. Pics from Edinburgh Yarn Festival where i taught five workshops last weekend. Awesome festival!

Thursday 3 September 2015

Parrot rescue

Met this guy in Dumfries. He is from parrot rescue. This Amazon orange tip is 11 and will live till he is 85 all things being equal. Apparently he used to be a biter but being hand fed porridge and being given lots to do turned him into a lovely bird.

Tuesday 1 September 2015

Crocheted sponge cake

Cycling langholm to kirtlebridge today - 15 miles. Finished crocheting the sponge cake from Mallaig knitters group today. They definitely get the prize for best spread!

Friday 28 August 2015

What clothes do you take for a 70 day cycle ride?

A lot of people have asked me this. One change underwear n socks, two tee shirts,  merino long johns, merino undershirt, one fleece, one pair trousers, one pair waterproof trousers, waterproof jacket, windshell. Wearing cycle shorts n top plus the other set of underwear n socks

Wednesday 26 August 2015


Cycled 15 miles or so in a strong headwind, mostly in a low gear even on the flat. Lovely people and the cafe in Kelso told me to stay as long as I liked. Did I really look that knackered?! Bought a new cycle shirt as mine had snags on the front and the grubby marks will no longer wash out. Bicycles in all the shop Windows In anticipation of the Tour Dr Britain, passing through on 8th September. Also Honda goldwings everywhere - they have a gathering this weekend. 

Picture is of a gallery made to look like a boat and the dolphin is made of scrap metal cogs etc