Monday, 9 January 2017

A New Blog for Me

The Create With Fibre blog is moving.
we could not get this one to link up with the website properly so off we go to Wordpress.  Downshifter Diary will continue here for now... 
 See you there,

Janet x

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Quicksilver shawl

I love this shawl pattern. It is for sale on ravelry and well worth the money.  The pattern is easy to follow and had no mistakes in it.  For a simple pattern, the shawl looks just great.  I am now knitting a second one for my daughter, having completed the first in a month.

I finished with the plain knitting section rather than the lattice work part.  The lattice is simply a row of yarn over, knit 2 together followed by a row of plain knitting.  Obvious once you know.

The yarns are all handspun.  Merino and silk roving from Scottish Fibres, one  in greens and one grey. Then an alpaca and silk roving from Adelaide Walker.