Saturday, 26 March 2016

weaving in the English Lakes

So here i go again.  Teaching weaving at Hgham Hall Bassenthwaite Lake near Cockermouth. Having warped all ten looms on on Monday for the Catstrand course Hubby and i warped them all again for the Higham course. Well we didnt really need them all you understand but then i thought i may as well warp one for myself. And take a couple of spares in case of last minute bookings. And one as a demo for get the picture. And it only takes a few minutes to warp one of these looms. So then i got an insatiable urge to weave some log cabin. Rigid heddle looms are mind boggling because just by warping in two colours you can create an almost infinite number of patterns. In fact just by weaving log cabin there is infinite variation. So i warped my larger rigid heddle loom at 10pm because all of the others now had a plain warp on them.

Monday, 21 March 2016

its easier to blog when you're not writing a book...

Well here i am again. The Knit 1 bike 1 book is finished. It has a lot more commas in it than i would like but is edited and all sqeaky clean. Hubby read it after the editor and pronouncec it a page turner! Publication date early May. 

I have almost caught up with everything since getting home from the bike ride and am doing lots of workshops. Pics from Edinburgh Yarn Festival where i taught five workshops last weekend. Awesome festival!