Sunday, 5 July 2015

Synchronicity, crochet and quaker meeting

Day off today and no cycling. Felt strange to be in a car as Edna and Bobby from Tarbert quaker meeting took me back the way i cycled yesterday to attend their Quaker meeting. Had a lovely time and amazing cake. Had to cancel dinner at Sally's tomorrow as hubby Lee is going to take me to Oban so we have a day in Hand to proof tent before i head to Mull. Then lo and behold i bumped i to Sally tonight along with her sister and their menfolk. I feel like this journey is what i am meant to be doing right now if thats not too deep and trendy. And things keep happening to help me on my way. Like Pam telling me out the high winds due yesterday, thinkind i needed guy ropes and finding some at the side of the road. And now thinking what a shame it was to miss dinner with Sally then bumping into her. If i have gone all airy fairy due to spending too much time on a bicycle something will no doubt bring me down to earth with a bump!

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