Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Countdown - 5 days to go; Dalmellington to Prestwick ride & more...

Yesterday I cycled 36 miles, Dalmellington to Prestwick and back again.  Only 5 days to go until I set off for real.  The back wheel of the bike is now fixed and the new hub had begun to quieten down, following a rather loud rattle to begin with.  It is still making my knees a bit stiff but it's probably because the gearing is different, it being a Sturmey Archer hub - the last one was a 13 year old SRAM. 

36 miles is rather further than I choose to go but it is just a little bit more than the most I will need to cycle on Knit 1 Bike 1.  (Day 32, 30th July 34 miles Newtonmore to Blair Atholl).  I have done hills, cycling to New Cumnock, done the distance, practised camping cycled with the weight and had a mock pack up - though I need to do that again.

Have still got a rather alarming amount to do on the route planning - the devil is in the detail, such as the ferry I want only goes on Wednesdays...but I am halfway through the more detailed work on it.

New bench at Patna - a rest on the way home.
Putting the new tent up- 700g but with new pegs and a groundsheet protector it is 1.2kg still good.  Old one was 3kg!

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  1. Think we've got the same tent? Is it a Terra Nova Lazer two man? I bought the footpad to go with it too...