Thursday, 2 July 2015

This is so Scotland

Kildonan to blackwaterfoot o. Arran this morning and will continue to lochranza after stuffing myself with every available calorie. Took ages to get the stuff together n kept packing things then needing them again. Will get used to where it all goes but still cant find the spork - spoon n fork combo. Bit upset cos hubby got me it for the trip. Its probably there somewhere. Visited arram creamery n saw them making cheese. Got cash at royal bank of scotland mobile bank. No mobile signal or internet conection so you just show id to get cash out with your card. Only cash machine or bank in brodick so really lucky i saw him. Note to self always take rbs cash card if cycling round scotland. Mobile library at blackwaterfoot. Made me realise how us scots take
Mobile libraries and banks for granted but maybe they are unique to us? Rbs mobile bank in crochet queue. Fixed rear saddlebag problem with bit of polystyrene and bit of rope both found at the side of the road

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