Friday, 3 July 2015

So state of the art award winning tent leaks....

So posh tent is not waterproof although it is midgeproof. Pix show midges outside the inner tent and rain seeping through! I usually proof new tents but with this one costing £349 i sure it would be waterproof...the silly pegs that dont stay in the ground should have been a clue. Mini workshop at Pam's lochranza and she reckons worst midges ever and were coming in under the front door! We did some problem solving with an entrelac pattern, some silk spinning and double knitting. I was shown this by louise of woolfish but added my own wee trick,that lets you knit one stitch and slip the next all in one go. I knitted a camera cover with mine. Pam said windy tomorrow and could affect the ferry, so packed up quick, ferry to claonaig and cycled 11 miles,to west loch hotel near,tarbert. Expensive but i got the last,room and tarbert will be very busy. Hot bath n great dinner. Tomorrow will be an easier day. Everything drying out and will get proofing spray tomorrow. Met these lincolnshire lads in the ferry but beat them to tarbert cos one of them got a puncture. And that stirrup pump had gone ahead to tarbert by taxi along with the kitchen sink eh lads..knitted a camera case with my bit of knitting. Pam is holding a wooden seal. Will add it to the crochet queue

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