Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Newtonmore and the Highland Folk Museum

Oh crumbs - got a wee phone call from the Kay Adams,show on radio Scotland yesterday afternoon, just when i had committed to a second night in Aviemore. I wanted to go to the Knit n Natter in Aviemore library. A lovely evening and it was fun seeing folks' knitting. I am told they raised £800 with their knitted poppies last year but I have been warned that they cannot cope with any more orders this year! I loved the knitted hedgehog too.

So i was all packed up by 7.40 this morning for a brisk 17 miles or so from Rothiemurcus to Aviemore and arrived at Newtonmore by 9.30, feeling very smug. Lots of wildlife at the side of the road that early in the day, including a weasel. Spotted some lovely chanterelles too and will add them to the crochet list. The campsite was only £5 cos i am by myself and cycling round Scotland and the owner also gave me 40p for a hot shower! So there i was sitting on a bench outside the campsite laundry being interviewed by Radio Scotland. Surreal! The tent is drying out in the breeze after four nights of rain, although it has not been too bad during the day.

Finished crocheting a seal.
And thanks to the Skiing Doo for a wonderful meal last night

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