Wednesday, 15 July 2015

A wee adventure

Missed the ferry to fort william from the strontian road today and there was not another for hours. Was just deciding what to do when a bus came along and the driver was heading ba k to the main fort william road which meant i could cycle up the other way to fort william without having to retrace my steps. It was only once i was in board i realised it was not a service bus at all but one converted into a music studio for who work with young people in isolated areas and aim to reduce the very high suicide rate. The project leader and developer ran me all the way to fort william! This meant there was time to buy a new rucksac before mine completely fell apart! Staying at glen nevia campsite. Busy but nicely so with great facilities including a breakfast snack van and a tearoom bar and restaurant on the road nearby. Had a heritage tomato salad and chips! Great time at morags - no wonder highland hospitality is famous and fab granny square workshop in mallaig last night after fiah n chips from the famius hole in the wall

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  1. What a fantastic experience! Lots and lots of good people out there.