Saturday, 25 April 2015

A crocheted sheep, open studios and fundraising

Updated itinerary.
Scroll down a couple of posts to see the updated itinerary.  I have amended it rather than put the whole thing in again.
More art work practise going on.  
The sheep now has a head as well as horns.  The eyes are a bit of a challenge and need some brown crochet cotton.  Lots more work needed but the shape is not too bad.  Next to do the body.  chicken wire needed for the body shape methinks.
Meanwhile, I am printing out leaflets for Open Studios and willl have hands-on stuff for people to try on the day.

for those who don't know, I am fundraising for the Knit 1 bike 1 project and the last day of the campaign is Monday 27th April.  Have a look at the Kickstarter video anyway, regardless of whether you want to back the campaign.  Two minutes long and a bit of fun!  


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